Saturday, April 22, 2006

How Fast/Slow is Your Brain?

When the gates to your mind (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, etc.) receive a signal, the cognizing brain acts a filter, processing that signal, telling the Agent how to act/feel/respond to the signal. Research in Cognitive Science shows that there is a significant delay between the event itself and the arrival into the brain of the Agent. What this means is that we are always a step behind the events of this world. Research into the minds of Zen meditators and Himalayan yogis, however, show that this delay decreases with experience and profiency in meditation. That is getting a little ahead of ourselves, however.
For now, why not test your Auditory Brain speed? Though I cannot attest to the Scientific validity of the test, if one were only now to begin meditation, the test could be used as a bar to measure progress, though progress is the last thing one should worry about in meditation.
Make sure to compare your score to those of your age group at the end of the test.



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