Thursday, March 23, 2006


It is not often that you find a film director who is also the head of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in India. To have Neten Choklin Rinpoche be the director for the film about the life of Milarepa is a wonderful choice. This film, Milarepa:Revenge, has just finished screening at the Bangkok International Film Festival and may have other screening before finding itself onto video. I will leave an update at that time. I think it is safe to say the life of Milarepa will not be coming to a theatre near you... at least not in America.
Here is the synopsis:

Milarepa, Tibet's greatest meditation master, lived as a yogi at the end of the eleventh century. Born into affluence, Milarepa watched as their estate was stolen by an ambitious uncle. To avenge this injustice, Milarepa mastered the arts of black magic and assassinated his uncle's family and friends. Almost immediately Milarepa felt great remorse for his brutality and set out to undo his bad karma. Guided by a spiritual teacher named Marpa, Milarepa endured many physical hardships and mental challenges designed to purify his negative actions. Ultimately, after a series of strict cave retreats, Milarepa attained spiritual enlightenment. Soon after, disciples flocked to him requesting his teachings. Milarepa became a great teacher, a master at sharing his wisdom and insights, renowned for his unusual methods and ascetic lifestyle. One day Milarepa's closest disciple, Rechungpa, requested, “Milarepa, for the benefit of myself and all of your students and for those people fortunate enough to hear about you in the future, please tell us the story of your life.” And so the story begins...




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